NiQuitIn Mini Nicotine Lozenges

NiQuitIn Mint Lozenges

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Stop Smoking Nicotine Lozenges 4mg Mint Flavor

NiQuitin Lozenges help to relieve nicotine cravings and continue to work even after the lozenge has gone.Used at regular intervals they provide your body with therapeutic nicotine, helping you to cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke or quit altogether.

Effective Craving Relief!

Ingredients in NiQuitIn Nicotine Lozenges

Nicotine 4 mg per lozenge.

Directions For Using NiQuitIn Nicotine Lozenges

Let the lozenge dissolve in your mouth. You may feel a bit of a tingle (that's just the nicotine). Don't chew or swallow the lozenge. Just move it around your mouth until it dissolves completely. For it to work best, try not to swallow too much.

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