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The Quit Company, LLC, or “Quit Co.” is dedicated to creating products and services, and providing information, to help smokers develop a plan to quit smoking by replacing the habit with something healthy. It is our mission to help smokers create a new healthy lifestyle using behavioral modification principles, and educating on the Substitution Strategy for Quitting Smoking.

The company is based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Over 400,000 people all over the world have tried Quit Tea since 2010.

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Quit Co. currently sells Quit Tea, Quit Support, Quit Nutrition, Quit Picks, and Quit Texts, all over world through distributors, health food stores, pharmacies, online retailers, and on QuitMarket.com


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Quit Co. Team

Matt Bucklin, Creator & President


Matt Bucklin on CNBC Quit Co FounderMatt Bucklin, creator of Quit Tea, found his way into the world of natural health through two different paths: First, he discovered that drinking herbal tea was instrumental in helping him successfully quit smoking; second, in his prior work as a pharmaceutical and biotechnological analyst, he became interested in alternative ways of healing without the negative side effects. With a personal understanding of the struggles associated with quitting smoking, Bucklin created Quit Tea to address the needs of people who want to quit smoking for good, naturally. He founded Quit Tea LLC in 2009, now named The Quit Company, “Quit Co.,” and has watched it grow into a nationally distributed product with high efficacy rates. Bucklin graduated from Colby College in 2005 with a degrees in Economics and Mathematics. The Quit Company, LLC is based in Greenwich, Connecticut. Here is Matt’s Expert Page On Complete Herbal Guide and his Linkedin Page 



Josh Williams, Herbalist & Advisor

Josh Williams Herbalist and AdvisorA proud herbal tea and herbal healing enthusiast. Plants are medicine, and they have helped Josh overcome countless obstacles and imbalances in his life, and continue to do so each and every day. From dealing with imbalance to reconnecting with nature and gratitude, the blessing of plant medicine is always there, ready to be used. In addition to the complex chemistry, nutrient profiles, and pharmacology of plants, they also have ‘spirit’. This spirit is wise, compassionate, and aligned to our highest good. He like to approach herbal tea healing from the perspective of science, tradition, and spirituality, and is eager to show you why all three are important.

Bloggers & Members Of The Media

We are always happy to comply with any media or blog requests for information about Quit Tea and The Quit Company, LLC, or anything to do with quitting smoking. Please click here to download our PDF Press Kit. Quit Co. Press Kit