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Woman holding no smoking signQuitting smoking is really difficult for everyone. You are capable of quitting on your own, but there is no need.* There are lots of resources available to help you quit smoking.

Online Programs To Help You Quit Smoking


Become An Ex ProgramBecomeAnEx Program The EX program was designed to help people relearn life without cigarettes. It helps smokers do everything they used to do with a cigarette, now without one. Relearn Life Without Cigarettes The EX Plan is based on scientific research and practical advice from ex-smokers.


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Levels of nicotine addiction vary, and it is helpful to know how addicted you are. Withdrawal from nicotine lasts just a few days, but if you are highly or extremely addicted to nicotine you should consider consulting a doctor and using some form of nicotine replacement.

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Use Technology To Help You Quit Smoking

Up In Smoke App IconUp In Smoke App. Quitting smoking is so much more than dealing with nicotine. This time, take a practical approach and deal with the emotional side of quitting.  Designed by Dr. Daniel Seidman is a clinical psychologist and practicing psychotherapist with a Ph.D. from Columbia.



Craving To Quit AppCraving To Quit App. Is a 21 day mindfulness-based wellness program to help you take back control of your life from cigarettes, based on successful smoking cessation treatment curriculum from Yale University.


Clickotine App Icon Clickotine® App. Developed by physicians and clinical neuroscientists at top academic medical centers. We use cutting-edge clinical research to develop evidence-based approaches to help you overcome your cravings and quit smoking now. 





Text Message Smoking Cessation Support


Quit Smoking with Text Message SMS SupportSMS text message based support can be the best help. SMS support has been proven to drastically increase your chances of successfully quitting smoking. Signing up is free. Just pick a quit date and enter your mobile phone number.


Quit Texts Icon SMS Quit Smoking SupportQuit Texts is now Doctor QuitBot, a expertly  programmed AI ChatBot that you can text or message with anytime. Just texting is sometimes the best way to help get through cravings. When you are having trouble, just text or message Doctor QuitBot and get helpful advice. Just message Quit Market on Facebook or text +1-561-220-7846.




Smoke Free Gov TXT ProgramSmokefreeTXT is for adults who are ready to quit smoking. This program lasts 6 to 8 weeks and sends 3 to 5 messages every day with support and tips to help you the build skills needed to prepare to quit and become smokefree.


Best Books From Smoking Cessation Experts

Understanding and preparing yourself for quitting is crucially important. It often helps to know that others have successfully gone through all the same things you are, and that it can be done!*

Smoke Free in 30 Days Dr Daniel SeidmanSmoke Free In 30 Days by Dr. Daniel Seidman. Why are you still smoking, even though you want to quit? Based on twenty years of research and hands-on work with countless smokers in his clinics at Columbia University and New York Presbyterian Hospital, Dr. Daniel F. Seidman understands that people smoke — and quit — for different reasons and what works for one smoker might not work for another.

Quit Smoking with Herbal Tea by Josh WilliamsQuit Smoking With Herbal Tea by Josh Williams. For thousands of years humans have relied on the healing power of medicinal plants to maintain health and promote longevity. Now, we can use these same plants to help relieve ourselves of the burden of addiction and habit once and for all! Quit Smoking with Herbal Tea is an approachable yet in-depth book that will show you how to put the power of plant medicine to work for you while you quit.


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If you feel like you are ready to quit smoking, we have all of the best natural quit smoking aids and behavioral support products available here.

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