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Break The Habit Loop of Smoking


Guide to quitting SmokingSmoking is an addiction to nicotine that lasts a few days, to a few week tops.  Smoking is also a habit that is deeply ingrained in the brain, and can last a lifetime if not replaced by something else. All habits work in a loop: Cue, habit, reward. Smoking is the habit, not the reward. The Infograhic below explains how it is possible to find a new healthy habit/action that can be performed when there is a cue to smoke, and that provides the same reward.*


It's Easier To Replace A Habit Than It Is To Break One


Woman Breaking Cigarette Ending Behavioral Dependency To SmokingSmoking is an addiction, however the physical addiction to nicotine does not last long. The habit lasts a lifetime, and must be replaced with something new.* Watch the video to learn how to quit smoking using the Substitution Strategy For Quitting Smoking.


The Substitution Strategy For Quitting Smoking



Keep The Triggers & Rewards – Replace The Habit!

Substitution Strategy For Quitting Smoking Infographic Habit Loop


There are always going to be cues, or triggers, for you to smoke. These are stress, morning coffee, driving to work, boredom, seeing others smoking. These are personal reasons and vary highly from person to person.


The habit is the action automatically taken after seeing the cue.  It is a patterned ingrained after repeating a series of actions many times.  The habit in this loop is smoking, and is the part of the loop that can be replaced while leaving the cues and rewards the same.


The reward is not the nicotine, like you might think.  The reward is often the break from work, socialization, relief from boredom, or just a feeling of being less stressed because you have completed the habit loop at the same time as every day before. If you can find a new habit that gives you a similar reward, it will easily replace smoking.*


Quitting Smoking Starts With A Plan

Every success starts with a well thought out plan.  Here are 7 simple steps to help you prepare to quit smoking.  Often writing down your plan and letting others know you are going to quit smoking will increase your chances of quitting success.*


1) Find A Reason To Quit Smoking

Child holding no smoking signThis is crucial! Quitting smoking is difficult, so if you don’t have a very clear reason why you want to quit and keep that reason in mind, it will get difficult. Some common reasons: Your health, your children’s health, being a good example to your kids, saving money, spending time with grand children.


    2) Create Your Quit Smoking Plan

    Create Quit Smoking PlanEvery plan is different, just like every person. You have learned how addicted you are to nicotine, and that is a good start to figure out the best way to quit smoking for you. Start by asking yourself: Why you smoke? When you smoke? Why you want to quit?


      3) Set A Quit Date

      Set a Quit Smoking DateStudies show that picking a day with some personal significance will increase your chances of success.  Pick a day in the not too distance future, but if yourself enough time to get prepared, mentally and with the right help. Try One Of These Days: Birthday, anniversary, New Years, starting a new job, buying a new car.


        4) Get Rid Of Everything Related To Smoking

        Fist crushing cigarettesAs your quit date approaches, remove everything in your life that reminds you of smoking. This will help minimize the temptations to smoke, and help you change your routines and habits. Throw it all away!Remove from your house: Cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters/matches, smells from car & house.


        5) Figure Out Your Triggers To Smoke

        Triggers to smoke woman stressWe all have our triggers to smoke. Figure out when, why, where, with whom, you smoke so that you can prepare yourself mentally for those triggers. Possible triggers: With morning coffee, driving, stress at work, drinks with friends. Have an replacement for smoking cigarettes ready to go!


        6) Discover Your Coping Mechanisms

        Coping mechanism tea to replace smoking cigarettesWhen you figure out your triggers to smoke, then you can figure out what to do when you have the urge. The best way to quit smoking is replace the habit. If you can do the same different habit every time you are triggered to smoke, after a few weeks you will have created a new habit. Possible coping strategies: Find a habit replacement, text a friend, use a smoking cessation app.


          7) Stick With Your Plan & Reward Yourself!

          Happy rewarding for staying smoke freeQuitting is tough, but if you stick with your plan you will be successful!  It is also important to reward yourself.  Come up with a list of nice things to do for yourself to help reinforce the positive changes you are making to you life.Possible rewards: Good foods, watch a good movie, spa day, plan a trip!


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